About WCA
WAVERLEY CITY ARCHERS - A Great Place to Learn Archery

Waverley City Archers is one of Victoria's most recognized Archery clubs. Archers old and young, experienced and beginners are all welcome at WCA. We are a diverse and social club with a membership that includes people of all ages and from different walks of life.

Come down and visit us on a club day, or contact one of our club officers to find out how you can come and give archery a try. An introductory course is undertaken by all new archers. On completion of the course you can continue to shoot for further sessions under supervision.

Membership offers archers access to the club grounds seven days a week. Archery Australia affiliated archers are most welcome, and should contact one of the club officers if they want to shoot at the club during weekdays. Waverley City Archers is one of a number of archery clubs in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Our Programs
Come & Try Sessions

Single day introduction to archery courses are available. These sessions give a newcomer enough information to be able to use a bow safely. Students are under the supervision of an instructor.

Tournament Shoots

Waverley City Archers holds weekly club shoots. These are designed to assist archers to get used to different distances and also allow the club to determine handicaps for each archer. The club has its own competitions like the Presidents Shield and the Monash Trophy.

Beginners Courses

Beginners courses are available and are held over 4 consecutive weekends. Students are taught the basics of Stance, Grip, Draw, Aim and Release. Students are introduced to the different types of bows and guidance can be given on what should be purchased.
We do NOT recommend purchasing personal equipement until the student has successfully completed the Beginners Course.

Community Programs

Waverley City Archers welcomes people from all walks of life, whether they be young, old, disabled or vision impaired.


Archers shooting at clubs within Australia must have Archery Australia membership and also State membership (in our case Archery Victoria). This covers members for insurance purposes. They must also hold membership at a club.

Membership Costs at Waverley City Archers:
Adults $250.00 per calendar year
Juniors $150.00 per calendar year

Members of other clubs wishing to join Waverley City Archers as a secondary club can do so by paying the $140.00 Association Fee per calendar year.

Visitors from other clubs are welcome and must pay a $10.00 Range Fee (per visit).

Family membership is available at a reduced cost.
Family of 3 (2 adults and 1 children) OR Family of 4 (1 adult and 3 children) $550.00 per calendar year
Family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) $650.00 per calendar year

Veterans $250.00 per calendar year

Fees are current as at 22.03.2022