A selection of archery articles, books, documentaries and research papers curated by WCA members.


Archery may have arrived in Europe thousands of years earlier than thought Sarah Kuta (2023)

Kyudo, the way of the bow and the pursuit of Zen in archery John Stanley (2020)


Archery Anatomy: An Introduction to Techniques for Improved Performance Ray Axford (2017)

A discussion of archery techniques in the context of the interrelationship between the anatomy of the human body and the anatomy of the bow.

Core Archery: Shooting with Proper Back Tension Larry Wise (2004)

Learn about the sequence of physical skills (using your muscles and skeletal structure) and mental skills (using focus and control) required to successfully and consistently shoot arrows into a target centre.

Mastering Archery James Park (2019)

A professional engineer uses sound theory, testing and the scientific method to create a unique, structured and reliable approach to high-performance archery.

The Archer aka ‘The Way of the Bow’ Paulo Coelho (2008)

This is the story of Tetsuya, an experienced archer, who passes on his teachings to a young boy in his village. The novel uses archery as metaphor to show readers how to overcome difficulties in their lives, develop tenacity, and find the courage to take risks.

Why You SUCK at Archery (and what you can do about it) Steve Ruis (2012)

A late bloomer in the sport offers 28 reasons why you may not be performing at your best in archery, and how you must train your mind in order to improve your form.

Zen in the Art of Archery Professor Eugen Herrigel (1948)

A guide to Zen principles and learning, based on the author’s six-year quest to learn archery from Japanese Zen masters and ultimately achieve body-mind balance.

Zen Bow, Zen Arrow: The Life and Teachings of Awa Kenzo John Stevens (2007)

A biography on the inspirational life, philosophy and teachings of Awa Kenzo (1880–1939), the Zen master featured in the cult classic Zen in the Art of Archery.


One Shot. One Life: The Pursuit of Excellence through the Art of Japanese Archery (2013)


Applications of Physics to Archery Meyer (2015)

Bow-and-arrow, technology of the first modern humans in Europe 54,000 years ago at Mandrin, France Metz, Lewis and Slimak (2023)

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