Mounted Archery, or Horseback Archery, involves an archer shooting arrows at a target while seated on the back of a horse. The archer rides the horse at a walk, trot or canter along a designated track or course, with multiple targets positioned at different points along the route. A horse archer must be able to nock an arrow in motion, while keeping their eye on the target, and executing the shot with accurate timing and precision.

Japanese Archery, or Kyudo (translated as ‘the way of the bow’), is a martial art and meditative practice, where the body and mind are trained through movement and focus, while shooting a Japanese longbow, or Yumi, at a target. Kyudo is traditionally performed in a dojo. Kyudo targets range from the ceremonial 9cm diameter target to the long-distance 150cm diameter target. The most commonly used target is 36cm in diameter and is used for regular close-range shooting, placed at a distance of 28m from the archer.

Photo by Cash Macanaya on Unsplash

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