WCA 2024 Beginners Courses Schedule

WCA Beginners Courses are held over a four-week period on consecutive Saturdays.

Our courses are designed to teach students archery basics and safety protocols. Students are taught the five principles of Stance, Grip, Draw, Aim and Release under the supervision of qualified archery coaches.

Students new to archery must complete an introductory Beginners Course before being eligible to join the club and free shoot on the range.

Students are introduced to the different types of bows. All equipment is provided.

Guidance may be provided on what type of equipment is suitable however, we recommend students DO NOT purchase personal equipment until after successful completion of a Beginners Course, want to make a commitment to the sport AND have successfully applied for membership at Waverley City Archers.

Group sizes are limited. Bookings are essential to reserve your place in an upcoming course.


Adults $120 and Juniors $80 (under 18 years of age).


For all 2024 dates and booking links, go to:

WCA 2024 Beginners Courses Schedule.


Children must be 10 years of age or over to participate, and all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian AT ALL TIMES.

Each session starts at 9.15am sharp and concludes at 12noon. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. If you are more than half an hour late you will lose your place.

As with all outdoor activities, course dates may change due to unfavourable weather. We will inform you of any changes to your course dates prior to your course commencement date and/or time.

For safety reasons, ALL students must be able to understand instructions in English or be accompanied by an interpreter.


If you have any questions or special needs, please contact the Coaching Coordinator at coaching@waverleycityarchers.org.au or call 0409 ARCHER (0409 272 437).

If after completing a WCA Beginners Course you are ready to make a commitment to archery, we encourage you to read the information on our membership fees and complete a WCA Nomination for Membership form (please contact the club for details).

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