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The meanings of terms used in this Copyright Disclaimer are outlined below:

“We”, “us” or “our” is Waverley City Archers Inc.

“Site” is the website of Waverley City Archers Inc. –

“Services” are the WCA Weekly Newsletter Sign-up Form and the WCA Contact Form.

“User” refers to a natural person or entity who accesses this site or uses its services, and may include visitors to the site, WCA members, members of other archery clubs, newsletter subscribers, or users who post comments.

“You” and “your” refers to any person who accepts this Copyright Disclaimer, either personally, or on behalf of a company, association, corporation or other entity.

“Person” refers to any natural person, company, association, corporation or other entity.

“Content” refers to information on this site, including written text, images and the Waverley City Archers Inc. name and logo, which you may access through your use of this site.


This Copyright Disclaimer only applies to the Waverley City Archers Inc. site. This site contains external links to other third party websites and resources, and we encourage you to read their Copyright Disclaimers if you wish to engage with their information.

This Copyright Disclaimer sets out how we treat intellectual property rights and copyright belonging to us or any person, and how we apply principles of fair use and fair dealing. This document includes information relevant to Sections 4.3 and 4.4 in our Terms of Service.


The information on this site is provided for general informational and educational purposes only. We are committed to protecting intellectual property (literary works, designs, names and images) belonging to us or to any person and we take copyright infringement seriously.

3.1 Statement of ownership of original content

All original content on this site is classified as intellectual property, is protected by copyright and is owned by us or a third party. The compilation of our original content as it is presented on this site is owned by us. You can view the content in accordance with our Terms of Service.

3.2 The Waverley City Archers Inc. brand

The Waverley City Archers Inc. logo and design is owned and copyrighted by us. Other designs and logos on this site may be owned and copyrighted by third parties. Your use of this site and its services grants you no right or license to use or reproduce our logo, for any reason.

We may provide digital resources including form and document downloads for individual use, to enable you to engage with Waverley City Archers Inc. These forms and documents can only be used for their original purpose and must not be used for any other purpose.

3.3 Our original content and copyright

Original content on this site is owned by us and is protected under copyright law. The unauthorised use and/or duplication of this information beyond normal fair use purposes and guidelines, without our express consent and written permission is strictly prohibited.

Excerpts, shares or links to content as compiled or presented on this site that constitutes fair use may only be used for personal, non-commercial and media purposes, provided full and clear attribution is given to us, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

3.4 Reference to third party resources

Our content may reference information from third parties that may be copyright protected. If you choose to use copyrighted material from third parties for your own purposes, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder/owner.


4.1 About this site

We include third party resources to provide users with information about archery.

We disclose our use of copyrighted material for the purposes of fair use and fair dealing. Fair use is a use permitted by United States copyright law, while fair dealing is a use permitted by Australian copyright law, which might otherwise be infringing.

4.2 Use of copyrighted material

This site may contain original content and copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorised by the author/s and/or the copyright holder/owner.

We make this information available under principles of fair use and fair dealing for educational purposes.

Every care has been taken to ensure research is properly cited and information, whether in the form of words, images or videos, has been properly credited. Full and clear attribution to author/s and/or the copyright holder/owner, with appropriate and specific direction to original content, is given. No copyright infringement is intended.

Citations in no way implies the author/s and/or copyright holder/owner endorses, approves of, is affiliated with, or supports us in any way.

4.3 Fair use and fair dealing under copyright law

Our use of copyrighted material constitutes fair use under Section 107 of the United States Copyright Act 1976, and fair dealing under Section 40 of the Australian Copyright Act 1968.

Our use of copyrighted material falls within guidelines of fair use and fair dealing.

We provide access to copyrighted material via external links for educational purposes, which are activities qualifying as fair use and fair dealing.

Our use of copyrighted material does not harm the current or future market for the original works linked to. Any references to original works on this site may increase their exposure to the wider archery community.


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