This style of archery involves an archer shooting a fixed total number of arrows (depending on the round being shot) at a stationary target, at a designated distance between 10m and 90m. Targets used for indoor target archery are either at 18m or 25m distances.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Generally, a bullseye five-colour target with ten rings is used. The centre X is worth 10 points, the two inner GOLD rings are worth 10 and 9 points, the two RED rings are worth 8 and 7 points, the two BLUE rings are worth 6 and 5 points, the two BLACK rings are worth 4 and 3 points, and the two outer WHITE rings are worth 2 and 1 points (starting from the centre X and moving outwards).

One end of outdoor target archery can score a maximum of 60 points.

Target faces used in outdoor target archery are 122cm, 80cm and 60cm in diameter.

Outdoor target archery rounds may use a ‘small face’ of either 80cm or 60cm in diameter, with three arrows being shot per end.

Indoor target archery rounds can use a number of different sized targets – 60cm, 40cm or ‘bugeyes’, which have three targets on a single face (one arrow is shot into each target).

The two most common bow types used for target archery are Recurve and Compound.

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