The annual WCA 720 Tournament started in 2017 when Archery Victoria (AV) introduced a 720 Grand Prix competition. The WCA 720 Tournament is held between March and May each year. The event is open to all Archery Australia members and attracts regular participants from all over Victoria and sometimes other states.

The AV 720 Grand Prix consists of several events run throughout the year at different AV clubs where all AV archers can shoot registered World Archery and Archery Australia 72 arrow rounds to earn points based on their ranking at each event. The overall annual winner in each category is the archer having the most points in a combined total from these events.

Archers’ scores are recognised for both state and national team selection purposes. For many archers, it’s simply a great opportunity to meet, mingle and compete with archers from other clubs.

On the Shooting Line at the 2023 Double 720 GP

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